Prof. Dr.. Cüneyt Göksoy pointed out that fungi, parasites and viruses that cause disease in humans are substances and objects, “They are visible manually, visible, they are substances that can be seen under the microscope when magnified enough. And in order for these to cause disease, physically; ancak, nowadays computers are referred to as malicious software and are called ‘virusesas their method of spreading is similar to viruses. ancak, in reality they have nothing to do with the viruses that cause disease, such as this coronavirus today. So WhatsApp, electromagnetic and mobile phone Transporting a disease and virus from one place to another with methods such as signals; it is never and absolutely impossible to carry the Covid-19 virus in particular.

The secret death of a young girl in Diyarbakır! was hit at the beginning of the armed state bulundutürki


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Prof. Dr.. Stating that viruses such as Covid-19 are likely to spread not by signals but by electronic devices as a result of violation of hygiene rules, Göksoy said:

Violation of hygiene in the use of technological devices, handling of devices, placing on dirty surfaces and again Violation of hygiene, such as taking it into the hands of humans, may make them a source of disease transmission, but not the signals it carries.No possibility of coronavirus transmission from WhatsApp signal and other electromagnetic signals. All concepts such as wifi are transfer of information through the air, using the airborne electromagnetic signals as a carrier. There is no such thing as the transport of a substance or molecule here. There is no risk of virus transmission, whether 3G or 5G. use in violationIt is very clear that it has a share in the development of retention and the spread of the disease.

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