The incident occurred on the 4th floor of an apartment building on Maksem Street in the central Osmangazi district. 32-year-old M.S., 25-year-old B.Ş. agreed with him to prostitution. M.S., who went to the house belonging to B.Ş. here he noticed that B.Ş. is a trans person. The debate that started between the two grew and turned into a fight. M.S. During the discussion, he stabbed B.Ş. in the throat and leg.

Striking confessions from the famous name! .. ‘The person I called my brother harassed’ He called the police and asked for help. Upon notification, the teams also informed the healthcare teams. Injured B.Ş. While being transferred to the hospital by the incoming medical teams, the suspect M.S. had a crisis at the scene.

Seeing that M.S. was getting worse, the police teams asked for a medical team again. Until the medical teams arrived, they intervened in M.S. The police did not leave for minutes to get M.S. to come to him. M.S. He was taken to Çekirge State Hospital after the first intervention by the medical teams who came to the scene. An investigation has been launched into the incident. yeni adresi olarak belirlendi. giriş işlemini yaptıktan sonra üye olarak %100 Hoşgeldin ödülü kazanabilirsin.


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