Speaking about distance education and face-to-face training preparations carried out in Antalya, Antalya Governor Ersin Yazıcı said that the screening process carried out in order to adapt the schools to the pandemic process continues at a great speed. Governor Yazıcı, by instructing the school principals, stated that they wanted them to identify students who did not have television and internet at home, and said, “The study was unfortunately misunderstood. When we asked, “Do you have television and internet?”, The parents thought that television and computers would be distributed by the state. We got incredible numbers after the interrogation process. We were also surprised. There were 5 thousand applications only from our Muratpaşa district ”.

Prof. very serious warning from Pampal: Large earthquake in Istanbul to yaklaşıyoruztürki to

Education Minister Ziya Selcuk explained: our children who need Internet and computers … Education

of the rules list prepared by the Ministry of Education, according to Hurriyet Noting that it was sent to all schools, Yazıcı said, “Our preparations continue in a comprehensive manner. In this process, we wanted to do a special study as Antalya. I personally instructed all school principals to identify students who do not have television and internet at home and report them to us. ”

How will the 2 + 5 application be in education? Ministers Selcuk açıkladıtürki to


Instructions on who told directly through parents of students of all school principals printer, said: “School Unfortunately, the work carried out through our managers was misunderstood. When we asked, ‘Do you have television and internet?’, The parents thought that the state would distribute television and computers. After the transaction, we got incredible numbers. We were also surprised. There were 5 thousand applications from our Muratpaşa district alone. Under normal circumstances, it is not possible for such a number to come out of this district. I think we had a big communication accident. However, we asked this so that none of our students have trouble accessing the Education Information Network (EBA), let’s plan EBA classes accordingly. In other words, we were going to say ‘Come to this class and follow your lessons over the system’ to our student who does not have television or internet. However, we received thousands of applications. Probably, the number of people with television and internet at home made an application and the number turned out to be very high. But we continue planning. Our students who do not have the necessary system at home will be able to receive their education in classrooms established in public education and youth centers. ” yeni adresinden giriş yapabilirsiniz. başarılı bir site ancak sizlere

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